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Friday, April 9, 2010

Starfleet Officers in Short Skirts!

Thanks to GeeCee and Beckett, I am now the proud owner of TOS Uniform options on STO. Rowan and Larrea are already decked out, but I'm thinking about the others. I am also debating whether to use the actual full uniforms for various reasons, I like the shiny "leather" outfits and the TOS stuff is cloth and not shiny. And I don't have a good reason RP wise for actual uniform colors and styles from the TOS era like Adventure Historian. Anyway, I should be in bed. I'll get better shots of Rowan and the others, but here's what I got for now.


  1. Too bad you can't make the TOS skirt a casual outfit.

    How'd you manage to get one, by the way? I ended up doing the DDE.

  2. The link labeled "Beckett" has them for free. GeeCee saw a forum post about it and let us know in-game. They were "out-of-stock for a while, but last night they were back up and I grabbed a code, again thanks to GeeCee.

    Don't get me started on the multitude of different, mutually exclusive, offers for extras from different vendors of this STO, I'll go into a nerd rage. Suffice it to say, I like Blizzard's model of two options, regular game and collector's edition. Oh, and I don't mind that lifers got something extra either, they have a little more faith than I. Although I think that option was over before I purchased my copy anyway, hmm.

  3. Oh, and you're right about the TOS outfits and the off-duty stuff, I think if we had options like that, you'd some pretty creative uses of the "duty" uniforms in off-duty colors. I was actually thinking of using the TOS top as a basis for Locke's OD outfit.