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Sunday, April 25, 2010

StC3: Pyrrhic Victory

The deck heaved again.

A power surge ripped along the starboard side of the bridge shorting out Sera's weapons console and frying the ship systems engineering console, which exploded in Ensign Jackson's face. Ginny bolted across the bridge to the unconsious officer, even as the ship's fire suppression system activated, flooding that side of the bridge in halon gas.

The doctor hit her commbadge, "Medical team to the bridge. Bring burn kits and a stretcher."

The voice of the ship's computer rang out, "WARNING: Hull integrity is below sixty percent."

Sera had moved to an auxiliary console on port side of the bridge. "Captain, firing control reports severe damage to the rear disruptor banks. Forward banks at eighty-four percent. Cannons and torpedoes nominal."

"See if you can jam their targeting sensors. Witko, move us out of the immediate battle zone. Open a channel to the Laibok." The comms telltale chimed. "Locke to Mullins."

"Mullins here."

"Can you take some of the heat for us while we get into position?"

"You got it. Prepare your attack run."

"Witko, bring us about. Sera, do you have the torpedoes ready?"

"Aye, sir. Target locked. High yield ready for your mark."

"Soften them up. Fire rapid cannons."

Red Cloud screamed at the Borg scout, whose shields finally buckled. "Fire torpedoes!"

The scout disintegrated, throwing debris in Red Cloud's path. Her captain called out, "Brace for impact!" And the little ship rocked again.


Lieutenant Murphy, who had taken over for Ginny at the science console, responded, "Ajax has destroyed the other probe, sir. However, a partially active cube is now approaching the Bonaventure and T'Pol."

"Thank you, lieutenant." Locke hit his commbadge, "Locke to Blish, We've lost the engineering console up here, and one of your engineers is injured. How're you holding up down there?"

Blish answered, "We have partial impulse, but the warp engines were pretty beat up. We're venting plasma. I have a repair team on it."

"We aren't through this yet. More hostiles are incoming. I need to be able to move."

"Understood, I'll do what I can."


  1. Well done, getting away that low on hull is not easy! :)

  2. He is, but isn't every captain at some point?