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Friday, April 9, 2010

Old Laptop vs. New Laptop

I commented in another post how much better the graphics of STO are on my desktop vs my laptop. Now with my new laptop, it's even better, mostly with distant objects. Up close it's about the same. Anyhoo, I got shots from my old laptop and though I'd compare them.

I'll start with Blish, Locke's Chief Engineer. Realize, Dear Reader, that I made many initial appearance decisions half-blind. For example, I didn't realize what the slider next to the tattoo/scar dropdown did. Auzzie the Trill ended up with drastically raised spots that I had to fix.

Witko, Locke's Chief of Security, also looks much better on the new computer. Check out the backgound, as well. Same "location," the tailor screen.

Locke himself benefits from the heightened graphics. The old laptop didn't show a difference between the Heroic complexion and the Standard1 Complexion.

Rowan. Notice the difference in the uniform texture.

Shrel, one of Rowan's Andorians, shows the differences there.

Finally, though not a crewmember, Sulu was one of the drastic things I noticed. I hadn't realized how old he actually is supposed to be.

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  1. Yeah, the difference is astounding. For example, I played the game initially without the special lighting effects...I made an Andorian officer, choosing a face for him that I thought looked pretty cool. It wasn't until later with the lighting on that I realized he looked about 80 years old.