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Friday, April 30, 2010

Playable Factions Poll

Cryptic has a new poll out on the forums. You'll need to log in to vote, and the deadline is Saturday, 1 May, around midday in the U.S.; although I think the result was a forgone conclusion. (I know: short notice, sorry.)


  1. Yeah I saw this poll Thursday when I finished downloading the big patch. Even then, the Romulans were kicking everyone else's ass. I don't even know why Cryptic bothered asking, I thought Romulans were already the next planned faction, with their emblem on the website?

  2. I know, right? I thought the one about starship interiors was a little odd, too. I most people I read wanted more interactivity (functionality) with the bridge. Maybe they are pseudo-surveys.

  3. Well, maybe interactivity could be construed as "I can shoot things from my bridge"?

    Also: totally voted for Cardassians. They're my favorites, and I really hope that we can eventually play some that are actually friendly to the Federation.