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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ship Interiors Poll

OK all you STO captains. Take a minute to vote in Cryptic's latest STO Poll. It will close on the afternoon of 23 April 2010, and you'll need to log in. I read a few of the user comments, and it stayed pretty civil, from what I could tell.

Which player ship interior customization option is most important to you?
  • Floor Plan – the layout of my hallways and rooms
  • Mood – the lighting and textures of my interior
  • Authenticity – my engine room is modeled after the Sovereign Engine Room
  • Uniform – my non-bridge crew members wear this uniform by default
  • Functionality – is more critical to me than what it looks like


  1. I voted, nice to see Cryptic reaching out to their fans and to see that thousands have already voted.

    I think you mistyped something in your post though, I think you mean April rather than March?

  2. Yes, I did screw that up. Thanks, GeeCee.

    I agree with many people on the forum: all the factors are important. But I voted for functionality. I want there to be a real reason to be on the bridge or in the corridors of the ship.

  3. Yeah, it was between that and the floorplan for me. Functionality is neat, but as you can see from my posts, I don't actually need that to spend time on my bridge :P Floor plan, on the other hand, hopefully means interiors that look like they make sense. Factors like area, size, layout, etc. Much like when you're buying a house!

  4. I understand what you mean. Like I said, they're all important. I have a few pics from the bridge interior, I just haven't had many occasions to use them in the blog.