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Friday, April 23, 2010

Shout Out to My German Friends

I just got done looking at a version of my story "Hunting the Hunters" in German. I have no idea of the quality of the translation. It was done by Google, and I don't speak more than a few words of German myself. I was led there while reviewing the stats on my account with Statcounter.com, which indicated that my story had been linked on a search page from Germany. I thought it was pretty cool. Though the person was probably looking for information on the STO quest "Hunting the Hunters," which I was not aware existed when I wrote my vignette, I hope he or she enjoyed my tale.

Anyway, it was really cool to see my own words and blog layout represented in a foreign language.


  1. lol. It was close to you though, out of Kulmbach, I think. I saw a bunch of locations near where I stayed in Eschenbach in der Oberpfaltz a couple years ago: Pegnitz, Kulmach, Grafenwohr, a few from Beyreuth, and a bunch from other more distant points in Germany. It was cool to see.