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Friday, April 2, 2010

STO Fleet: Federation News Service

I don't know who reads this who is not already aware, but a new STO Fleet was formed on Wednesday: "Federation News Service, " consisting of STO/gaming bloggers, twitterers, and such. I was invite to join in short order, and jumped at the chance. Maybe we are a collective self-licking ice cream cone, but I am looking forward to playing with these wonderful people. Thanks for inviting me, guys.

I would like to take this chance to thank @leolook for inviting me to my prior fleet, Federation 1st Fleet. I had a good time with you guys, too. It's a shame I can't be part of two fleets.
Some members of the Federation News Service. I don't all the names but I know someone will fill me in. From left: IDK, @Tipa, @Sunsage (me, back to the camera), the glowing guy is IDK, @Caylinn, and @Bluekae.

Most of us can invite people to the Fleet if you are interested. No need to have a blog yourself.


  1. I'm having a blast with this new fleet!

  2. Me too. Very chatty, even when there aren't a ton of people on.