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Monday, May 13, 2013

A New Mother on Mother's Day: Puppies!!

It's not all fun and MMOs around here. Sometimes life gets real. A month ago, Sctrz and my stepdaughter found a scared, hungry—and pregnant, as it turns out—chihuahua while out and about. They took her to the veterinarian, who gave her a clean bill of health, but didn't mention the puppies. "Bella" was very nervous and shy about coming to live with us. We've slowly coaxed her out, while at the same time noting her growing girth. The vet said a little bloating was normal as she got used to regular, healthy meals; though she never seemed in any particular digestive distress. Well, about a week ago I was holding her—after all of us had suspected for a bit that she may be "in a family way"—and I felt the puppies move. Yesterday evening, she went into labor.

Anyway, long-short, here they are:
Puppy #1. We know they're at least part chihuahua.
Proud Mama
How about "Ebony" and "Ivory" for names?
Pink Nose
UPDATE: Sadly, our little Ivory angel didn't make it. He went home on Thursday, 16 May, after less than 96 hours in this world, leaving tiny footprints on our hearts.


  1. I need a "like" button on your posts when I've enjoyed reading them but having nothign to add or am too lazy to type something.

    Maybe from now on I'll just post "ding" if it was a good read.


    1. LOL Can you not see the little "Impressions" check boxes at the bottom? Maybe that's why I never get any votes.

    2. Ah...yes, well, totally missed those. Duly noted. :-p

    3. Admittedly, they seem a little hard to see. I need to change the color.

  2. That's a really cute story! (I'm not a fan of chihuahuas, but they can't help being born like that. :P)

    I think Ebony and Ivory are very appropriate. :D

    1. I wasn't until getting to know a couple. They're pretty cute and much easier to carry around than our Queensland heeler. ;)