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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beyond the Polaris: Elite

My lovely bride was busy on Saturday and I joined folks from Beyond the Veil to take advantage of Funcom's Golden Weekend in The Secret World. Running Polaris Elite was the last thing we did, but I'm posting about it first. Here's the team just after the Orochi chopper dropped us off; (l-r) Exceeder, Zander, Antida, LoneStarBelle, and Maiastas:
I love these action shots; though with five players, plus the mobs, all the special effects can make for a chaotic picture. Maiastas (Melee DPS) is barely visible right up in the Boss Lady's face. Antida (Tankosaurus rex) can also be seen brandishing her longsword. LSB (Mid-Range DPS) is "Above the Law" with "Shootout." (I have to be up close to take advantage of the Shotgun DPS Skill: "Point Blank.") Zander (Ranged DPS) blasts away with his Assault Rifle. And Exceeder (Red-blooded Healer) keeps us all healthy—as seen by the red haze around himself and LSB:
Here we are fighting the Ur-Draug, final boss. Again with the shoot-out. The yellow glow is a penetration buff from Shotguns called "Breeching Shot." Maiastas, Zander, and Exceeder are in the background. Antida and the Ur-Draug are off camera, duking it out:
After many hiccups and adjustments, we bagged the sucker. Here's the trophy shot, with our busted ride in the background right, and our new ride in the center:
You can read Antida's impressions of Saturday's run here. Beyond the Veil webcasts live on Thursdays at approximately 7 p.m., Eastern Time (4, Pacific; 12 midnight, BST). The recorded episodes are available at Holosuite Magazine and iTunes.


  1. Polaris is good fun. I ran it tonight with my baby tank, nice change from healing.
    PS I like the 2nd picture, a good action shot, they are challenging to get.

    1. Thank you. I use a Razer Nostromo and have a key mapped to F11 (the screencapper for TSW)> Honestly, many of my shots are pretty random. But I do get some nice ones that aren't just cutscenes.

      And congrats on breaking in your baby tank. :)