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Thursday, May 23, 2013

POTD: STO's New Crew Screen

Inspired by Syp's post from yesterday, I logged onto STO last night just to get screenies of my Captains and Crews. I wonder how they pick which Bridge Officers get shown. Is that my away team?
Rowan Starblanket. All about the research.
Donovan Locke. Haha, the last time I logged in, I used my first ship to help Sctrz as she tried out the game. Locke and Crew are still stuck on that thing.
W'Low Rial. I think those are still her only Bridge Officers.

I haven't actually logged into the game itself. Queues are crazy unless you're subbed. I can wait a few days till it dies down.


  1. I can't wait to see the changes. I won't be doing anything with the Rommie's until Sunday though. Hopefully things are quieter by then.

  2. I think the crew is based on who makes up your away team. But yeah, I can't wait to see you in game! Hit me up if you need a leveling partner or something.

    1. You haven't been reading this blog lately, have you? Sctrz is my leveling partner. :P However, you are always welcome to join us. :D

    2. BTW, We got in with no trouble last night, but after spending so much time customizing our Romulans, I only had time to watch the intro video.

    3. Oh, I know she's your leveling partner! But for some reason I read your post as saying she hadn't gotten back into the game (yet). Don't know how I got that impression. Regardless, I'll be your third wheel in any larger encounters you might have!

    4. Ah. Well, yes, as of the time I took the pics (Wednesday night), she had not tried to get back in. But she patched the client yesterday evening and got in before I did.

    5. Glad to hear it! I'll see you guys in game, then, probably.