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Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ruciboo

The 6-Pack: Lucy on the left, then clockwise from the top: Bella, Chico, Moina, Dexter, & Quintus
Perhaps a bit off topic, but it's not the first time. I wanted to get this post out yesterday, but I procrastinated. And then there were Dominion weenies to slaughter, so the blog fell by the wayside.

As you may know, we "rescued" several dogs last year, two from a coworker who was moving, and one quite literally a stray off the street. The stray (top-middle in the top pic), whom we named Bella, turned out to be gravid, and on Mother's Day last year, she gave birth to two beautiful puppies. Sadly, our tiny Ivory puppy did not make it, and though we had planned to give them away to friends or family, we decided to keep the Ebony one, formally naming her "Lucy."

Lucy quickly had the pack alpha wrapped around her finger. She has earned several nicknames: Lucifer, Rucifee, Ruciboo, and so on. We know she's half chihuahua, but we're not quite sure about the other half. She may be a chiweenie, given her length, but some other characteristics make us think of other breeds. I need to break down and get a genetic test, just to satisfy my curiosity.
Lucy loves to play. She wrestles her mother and her Auntie Moina(on the far right in the top pic). She loves to run outside with Moina and Unca Chico (top right). And she loves to get up on the couch or bed and snuggle close to me. She has competition from my "overly attached puppy" Moina. Unfortunately for Rucifee, she's not a jumper, having strained her hips or hind legs at some point while our magnificent Zane was still with us. But she generally holds her own, getting my attention with little barks and yelps.

Scooter finds it amusing that I—a man of such large stature—have this tiny puppy as my favorite.  As I said, she has captured my heart. Unlike the rest of the six-pack, I have known her all her life. And I plan to know her all her life.

So Happy 1st Birthday little Lucy-Boo! And many more to come.
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  1. Aw, adorable. I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, but the little furry ones are always dear to my heart. Congrats on a lovely family there.

    1. I was thinking of you as I wrote this. My sympathies on your recent loss. I was unable to resolve some PayPal issues before it was too late to help out.

      I have family members allergic to cats. But we had them as I was growing up, and my mom still has one.