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Friday, May 9, 2014

Limping Along: The State of My Game

I'm lucky Scooter has an older laptop that still functions well. Even though it limits the games we can play due to older specs, it's better than mine right now, with no USB or Sound Card, and an iffy RAM.
I simply haven't been playing very much in the past month or so. I log into TSW to do Beyond the Veil on Thursdays, but I haven't even purchased the mission pack that came out last month. I don't know if I'll get Issue 9 when it is released either. I'll wait until I can play.

Of course, this has dampened my enthusiasm for gaming in general. Scooter and I jumped into Rift the other night, and it plays well enough on low settings. But it's funny what she can see, that I can't because of view distance. It reminds me of my early days in WoW when everything in the distance was a fog.

Since we were playing SWTOR when she got her new computer, it's still loaded on the one I am using now. I have thought about playing that, But the game is unplayable—as far as I am concerned—without a subscription, and I was unhappy with EA/BioWare before the punitive cash shop was introduced. So that's out.

Scooter and I decided to give Wildstar a spin, so we downloaded the client last night. Tonight we'll see how it goes. The Alliance of Awesome is going Dominion, so we'll roll that way, too; even though I personally like the Exiles better, from what I've seen.
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  1. Well I wrote a comment, but blogspot ate it. So take two: my brother and I are having similar "fun" right now as he plays on an old laptop in TESO. The bright side for him is that all the crafting mats and lootable barrels just load as glowy outlines, which means that he often knows what to click long before I do!

    Good luck with Wildstar. It has its moments, but not enough of them for $15 a month.

    1. I'm sorry Blogger ate your first attempt. Sometimes I get an email of the "missing" comment and can repost it. Not this time.

      It will take some serious wow factor—not WoW; little double-u's—to hook us into that subscription. But after being thoroughly disenchanted with TESO when we tried it, and a general ennui toward gaming right now, I could use a good wow-ing.

  2. I'm still very much into TESO, and Wildstar's hype just hasn't ever "grabbed me" but even so... it's about 25% downloaded according to the launcher and I'll be giving it a whirl this weekend. I hope to be pleasantly surprised by it.


    1. I think I saw this, but then forgot about repsonding. I apologize. Scooter and I enjoyed WS well enough, though I'm not sure we're prepared to buy/sub. I'll have a review up Soon™. What did you think?