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Monday, May 5, 2014

Newbie Blogger Initiative III: The Revenge of the Newbs

I am not actively participating in the festivities of the Newbie Blogger Initiative this month, partly because I kinda feel like the best advice has been put forth, and is ironically contradictory. Heck, I no longer follow the advice of one of my own posts from the inaugural NBI in 2012. But I still wanted to encourage the newest members of the community and promote the event, because I think we generally have a great community, and it's events like the NBI that help foster that feeling.
I will be doing what I can to read at least a post or two from the new blogs and adding them to my latest roster. I also will try to spotlight posts I like. Here is a list of bloggers partially cribbed from Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut. I have a feeling it is not comprehensive, and I will be adding to it in the far right column of this blog as I see new bloggers from this year's class.
In the spirit of that, I encourage you to check out the Weekly Roundup #1 at the NBI hub, which includes links from some of the new folks and advice from some of the vets. And have fun whether you're writing or just reading.
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