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Monday, June 29, 2015

On a Whim

I have discovered an unfortunate pattern in my posting schedule. As an instructor, I find that on days when I am "on the podium," I am less inclined to write in the evening, and I don't really have any time to bang one out during the day. I also spend quite a bit of time in the evening editing news stories on Holosuite Media. And before I know it, a week and half has gone by with virtually no activity here on IHTtS. I started this post at least a week ago, but then time slipped on by.

As you might know from my comments on my last post, I fairly quickly decided to drop kitty Achillea; not because I didn't like her, but because I knew I wanted a male Firran, and I wanted to keep a slot open to create a battle buddy for Scooter's toon, should she decide to play, as well. The hair options are really limited if one wants any kind of realism (on a catperson), but I ended up with a look I like for fuzzy Rowanblaze. He's kind of tiger striped—though there is a more distinct tiger pattern available—and I did my best to match his hair (mane?) to his stripes. Rather than pick up Archery as on Achillea, I went with Sorcery to begin, which in ArcheAge (pronounced with a hard "k," as I discovered—"Ark-Age") means elemental magic: fire, ice, and lightning. Later, I picked up Witchcraft, and I am angling for Vitalism third, making this Rowan a "Shaman." I think it's a good fit for the type of characters I usually give my personal moniker.

I'm not sure why, but I thought the Sorceror would be really squishy, and he may be. But after picking up on a few of the basic ability mechanics I'd missed at first, he can mow down just about anything before it even touches him. The prime example is that the initial Flamebolt spell takes a second to cast, but then can be fired off three times in rapid succession. Combos, which for me are almost always in effect, create a ton of damage. Granted, fuzzy Rowan is still really low level, so that may change in the near future.
In the end, I haven't really gotten to play him much. SWTOR—and its subscription—still pull me in that direction, though I think I am going to start really running through the stories rather than dabble on planet quests, both so I can see them before the 12xXP goes away, and to get the legacy advantages. I'll have to forgo some of the Light/Dark points and affection gains available, but I may return to the planet-side stuff later. . .
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