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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yet Another Alt

On Sunday, I raced through the "end" of the Inquisitor story on Tollkirsche; that is, the third chapter of Vanilla SWTOR. Consequently, I unlocked the Red Sith Pureblood race for all classes. My original impetus for this was to create a "special snowflake" Red Sith Jedi (Lightside, of course), which I am sure has been done a hundred times already. However, for some irrational reason, I don't want to start a Jedi right now, so I ended up creating a Smuggler.

Captain Albarossa is a tough-as-nails freighter pilot who will take just about any job if there are enough credits involved. A milk run to Ord Mantell ended up being a huge headache, as the Jewel of Vasar, Albarossa's ship, was hijacked along with its cargo while he was in port. Cutting a bloody path across Avilatan Island, Albarossa tried to track down the gun shipment and the Jewel, as well as the double-crossing scum who stole them. Now he's on his way to Coruscant, reluctantly teaming up with Corso Riggs, a Mantellian mercenary with a grudge and a gun fetish.

Albarossa can literally charm the pants off many of the ladies he encounters, who find his smoldering eyes and chiseled visage irresistible. However, dark and greedy, he's all about the credits, and woe be unto anyone who stands between him and that big payday. The "over-grown padawan" Riggs is not going to be happy with his new sidekick's decisions most of the time, I'll bet.

He's not quite the gentle snowflake I'd envisioned upon completing my Red Sith Assassin. Albarossa ("Red Dawn") is a variety of wine grape from the Veneto wine region of Italy. I had a difficult time coming up with a good name that fits my general theme. But I like how his name is sort of descriptive—he's kind of the color of red wine—while also making him sound a bit like a pirate. I also like how most of the darkside conversation choices make him sound a bit tougher. I always thought the male smuggler sounded like a milquetoast, wishing they'd used the gravely baritone who voiced Nico Okarr in the "Return" trailer. As it turns out, the smuggler's spineless tone was as much a result of the lightside dialogue I'd been choosing as the performance of the voice actor. Now all I need is a cool hat... and a duster.
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