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Friday, June 5, 2015

Pics of the Day: We have a Winner!

At home on the Fleet...
You may recall that I posted a couple weeks ago about Ravanel's Speeder Giveaway. Well, you are looking at the lucky owner of a shiny new pink Prinawe Congregate. When I saw that it came with a drab dye pack, it gave me hope that—at least on some characters—I could dye the speeder a different color. But no...

...or at home.
Something I hadn't noticed before is that the "lens" in SWTOR is a bit fish-eye. Stuff in the foreground is stretched a bit, making the speeder seem longer than it really is in a few pics. This pic of my beauty parked on my Nar Shaddaa party pad shows that it is not super long.

It fits perfectly on the "Neon Moon," but I'm not sure it does anywhere else, really. Is it a little weird that I am considering getting a matching dye pack for Valerija?

Do those colors even go together?

On a side note, I thought this was really cool. In the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa, there is a stage that I figured would be a perfect place to take a picture of the speeder. However, when I got over there, there was an Imperial RP event going on. I didn't want to interrupt just for my own selfie, but got a shot of them partying. Almost every avatar you see there is a player character, including the singer and the two stage dancers. So The Secret World is not the only place they throw dance parties.
Pary On, Imps!
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  1. And suddenly I miss all the dance parties my entertainer's guild threw in SWG. Dancer and Musician we actual classes in that game ;-)

    Congrats on your speeder!

    1. Thanks, and it was cool to see them hanging out. I guess there are emotes that are only available through achievements or cash shop luck boxes.

  2. Yay, a selfie! Or two, even.

    By the way, Conrad got this fabulous purple-pink dye from the Cantina pack besides his Prinawe Congregrate. So you can always get lucky if you open the box on an alt. ^^

    (Or you could just buy one off the GTN, I'm sure it'll look awesome on Valerija.) :)

    1. I need to recheck Achillea, I don't even remember seeing dye drop for her. Then again, I rushed to verify she'd gotten the speeder and then logged back out, because I was doing something else. Thanks again for the prize. I do think it's pretty cool. :D

    2. I got a pink-purple dye!, Unfortunately, it's on my Sith Smuggler, and soulbound. :\