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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anticipation of the Fallen Empire

Scooter and I made it all the way through Ziost last night (it's not a long planet), and what a conclusion to the fifth chapter! I'm definitely glad I chose to level up a Sith Warrior, as much of the story seemed oriented directly at her with the Emperor betraying and toying with his former Wrath. While Morrenia, up to that point, had never renounced her title, she was able to make a clean break with Vitiate, while still demonstrating the dark brutality of the Warrior class. I'm glad Scooter and I had the time to get her and Glember through the full storyline. We almost took Silverleaf and Ginie through as well, but we decided it was getting too late in the evening. Now that we have our Sith in place, I feel less urgency to get the Bounty Hunter and Agent through the content. Don't worry, Dear Reader. We'll be getting back to them soon enough I am sure, not to mention our long neglected Trooper and Smuggler. Maybe one of these days we'll mix it up and do a force user and a tech user.

While there have been games I've liked better, I don't think I've been this excited about an expansion since WoW's Wrath of the Lich King. As I write this, Early Access has gone live, and I can't wait to get home this afternoon to play with Scooter. As was pointed out by Mhorgrim yesterday, I'm sure there will be glitches. Heck, we've encountered odd glitches in almost four-year-old content. But while there are detractors of various changes to the game, I think the changed game mechanics—as described—will be big improvements over the current system, and the story, which is the real reason we're all playing, looks to be spectacular.
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