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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Not Yet Ready to Retire

Even following through on my pledge to let Scooter finish out Glember's story before continuing Morrenia's, we've only made it another couple chapters (partly due to obligations IRL). Lots of great reveals that I will not spoil here, though I have seen a couple on Twitter, only a day after the world-wide launch of KotFE.
Glember and Koth get into a scrape.
Of course, as close as we were when last I wrote, it is no surprise that both Morrenia and Glember dinged 65 last night. Again with the not being fast enough to capture something for Scooter, I only managed to get this one good-ish shot of Morrenia (below). Obviously, we are not done with the KotFE plotline, but I don't think anyone expected the story to match up directly with max level.
HK and Morrenia, maxing it out.
You may have noticed Morrenia is dual-wielding vibroblades in that shot. I kinda like them, but I'm not sure I'll keep them. They were originally Broonmark's. BioWare sent every player all their companions' original gear, but I had never used Brookmark other than as required on Hoth, so I had not upgraded him. I actually have doubles of quite a few items. In any event, the idea of vibroblades is cool, but lightsabers are flashier, for obvious reasons. I'm torn.

Tonight, I am on my own again, so I'll have to decide which of my Republic characters to run with. Someday, I'm going to be Legendary.
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  1. Hehe, I'm the same. Using vibroblades is cool (and I went with it initially on my warrior, until I got two Corrupter blades from Dread Fortress), but lightsabers are just so much cooler! I'm using the Corrupter blades mostly because they come with good memories of bashing the place during out progression raids. :)

    1. Lightsabers in this game are so weird. From my limited experience with the lore—and as it is portrayed in game on the Jedi side, at least—making one's own lightsaber is a significant rite of passage for a Force user. Even in the Sith stories, the character goes through a great deal of effort to obtain that special saber. But then they have a ton available from rewards, the GTN, Cartel Market, etc. During Shadow of Revan, it seemed like I had the opportunity to replace my sabers (I was still using my original modables) every other play session.

      In the end, during a key moment of KotFE I won't spoil here, I ended up switching back to sabers. If I'd been using vibroblades the whole time, it might have been different. But Morrenia isn't really some throw-back traditionalist. So the blades don't fit her character.