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Friday, October 16, 2015

Leveling in the Last Days of the Old Republic

Morrenia and Glember are just about done with Makeb. While Scooter and I are zipping through the content on this second pass, there are story points we're picking up that we missed before. In an interesting quirk of the 12xXP system, though Glember was behind Morrenia (the screenie shows G hitting 53 while M dings 54), Morrenia barely got over the line to 55 by killing something, and Glember shot past her when we both turned in that particular quest. So now, Morrenia is the one trailing. I was actually disappointed to discover that Morrenia was unable to [Flirt] with Lord Cytherat. I found out doing some quick research that his is a same-gender only flirtation. (There is a female same-gender romance on the Republic side, but it will be a while before any of my Pub characters are that high.) I guess the Shadow of Revan has bisexual romance opportunities, but not Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

As is perhaps appropriate, Glember and Morrenia have very different approaches to the Dark Side, which is a subtle reflection of Scooter's and my approach to the game, as well as the devs' and the voice actors' characterizations. Morrenia is much more expressive and direct in her application of "evil." As I said to Scooter last night, Morrenia revels in all her passions.
Glember, meanwhile, is a much cooler cucumber. Her approach to the Dark Side is dispassionate; all her actions calculated to further her goals and ambitions. As Scooter said the other night, Glember is smoothly evil, while Morrenia is more brutal. Where Morrenia might literally spring headlong into the action, Glember is the thoughtful one, hanging back and assessing the situation before becoming involved. Much like Scooter and I, they complement each other. With Talos healing and Pierce tanking, we're quite the little squad of destruction.

Syp, over on Bio Break, is feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement over the new expansion, and wondering how other players are approaching the headstart next week. Even though I still have a few characters from Day-One Launch, two of which were in a position to run through RotHC and SoR, I am more attached to Silverleaf and especially Morrenia. And I'm looking forward to both the changes to the game mechanics and the additional story content.

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