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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Further Up and Further In

It's all about the swagger.
The (temporary) finish line looms. Silverleaf is at level 59 and 97%, and Ginie is close behind with about 70%. After quite the adventure on Rishi, we stepped out onto Yavin IV to finish off the threat Darth Revan poses to the Galaxy, hopefully. (Actually, since I know there's a bit more on Ziost, I wonder what we'll accomplish here.) It was interesting that we went through what amounted to class-specific side stories on Rishi, and how that has reversed from the main story focusing on our class and the planetary and side quests being more about the general story. As our characters become more "prominent" in galactic "current events," our own stories become the sidelights.

We're really enjoying the story, though it's gotten kind of awkward having to essentially do things twice in order to stay together. It wasn't as big a deal when the class stories were more independent of each other, but I can see where they could have done group conversations and still allowed for individual responses from the player characters. Or kept the individual conversations for classes, and added a group version for people going through together.

In any event, we're having a great time. It's been really interesting to go through new environments, and the folks down at BioWare have really stepped up their game, I think. Makeb was pretty cool and Rishi is gorgeous. Even though they just introduced the Yavin stronghold (house) a couple months ago, I think it might have been more interesting to have a place on the pirates' haven. Scooter says it's her favorite place since Nar Shaddaa. (Commenting on this now, I wish I had gotten a good picture of the place for this post.)
As soon as we finish the Shadow of Revan stuff on Silverleaf and Ginie, Scooter and I plan to return to our Sith duo, Morrenia and Glember. We want to bring them up to 60, as well, before Knights of the Fallen Empire launches. As we approach the end of the current storyline, we look forward to the exciting new stuff coming in just one week (for those with early access).

NYCC Cantina Codes: Prinawe Union

I know, I know; who cares about all that? Where's the loot? Once again, I managed to snag a Cantina Code that allowed me to now share with you, Dear Reader, if you are interested:

As always, log in to your account on SWTOR.com, then click on or copy/paste one of the two links above into your browser address window. You should receive a confirmation and a new code to share with your friends. Then, the next time you log in to each character, the speeder and some other goody will be waiting in your mailbox. (I've mostly gotten dyes, but also a Power Droid pet and a couple Carbonite Chamber recovery cosmetics.) I'm not sure what the limit is on these codes, so try them with no guarantee from me or BioWare.
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  1. Great to hear you're having such a good time with the "class" stories! It's nice to have characters that have done all that before the Coffee expansion hits.

    I'd have preferred a stronghold on Rishi as well, everyone was so surprised when it turned out to be Yavin IV! The Yavin stronghold looks gorgeous, though. If you haven't visited one, you should definitely do so. Full of surprises (maybe goes a bit too far to call them easter eggs, but it's a bit like that), too. I'd invite you to mine, but I think you're on another server.

    1. Yes, we're mostly on The Ebon Hawk. And you're on, what, Harbinger? We did look through a few different Yavin strongholds and they're nice. But I prefer Nar Shaddaa to either Tatooine or Yavin. It's funny, I doubt I would like a Real Life locale like Nar Shaddaa.