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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy (Far Far Away)

As you may have seen last night (Tuesday) if you were on Twitter, Scooter and I got Silverleaf and Ginie to max level (at least for another few days) just before finishing the Revan stuff on Yavin IV.

We still have to check out Ziost, but we're going to switch to our Sith pair, Glember and Morrenia for a bit, and hopefully get them through the expansion content before Monday. Unlike the last time I got a character to max in SWTOR, I am looking forward to the impending KotFE expansion rather than getting ready to hang up my blaster.
We spent this evening (Wednesday) with Morrenia and Glember on Makeb, each reaching 55 just before we took a break for the night. (I'll have some pics tomorrow.) I'll miss 12x XP, but Scooter and I belatedly realized that we have a ton of XP boosts (about 20 hours worth for Morrenia), so we plan to use them until we run out or reach 60 whichever comes first (the latter, more likely).
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