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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beyond the Veil Take 59: We got DEVed!!

A very exciting episode, Beyond the Veil, Take 59 is now available to download on Holosuite Media. The BtV program got hijacked in the best way possible by TSW Lead Game Designer Tilty and Community Manager Sezmra. Listen as we (and our live audience) get answers to burning questions answered straight from the horse's mouth, plus a lengthy discussion on the choices for TSW’s Get Your Art in the Game Finalists.
Ten male and ten female designs were chosen by the Funcom development team from hundreds of email and forum submissions. The contest just ended with a vote from the players. Head on over to see the winning designs.
"Ballistic Veil" from BtV's own Xander Hayes.
You can also subscribe through Holosuite Media's [EDIT: new feed link] RSS feed, through iTunes (with older episodes here), and now through Stitcher. Be sure to catch the live show every Thursday at about 7p.m. EDT (11p.m. UTC) on Holosuite Excess.


  1. Nice Post Rowan.. I always think I want to do a blog on TSW but I never seem to get away from the game long enough to write about it....Thank god you do and you do a really great great job of it as well

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it. Believe it or not, that is often my problem, given the choice between playing and blogging, I'll almost always play.

    2. Hi there, new to the site. I was interested in listening to the podcast and I tried to subscribe to the RSS feed, but it points to an expired domain name.
      Is there another location for the feed?

    3. Hi, ZombB. Sorry about that. I updated the Feed link, but it seems to be articles from Holosuite, rather than the podcasts. I will get with Xander and find out for sure. We also just got a Stitcher feed if that helps: bit.ly/16LfKb3

  2. Corrected in the post, but here is the link to the new RSS feed: feeds.feedburner.com/BeyondTSW