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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Secret Monday: . . . and What Are We Doing in This Handbasket?

This week for the Knights of Mercy Secret Monday event, our fearless leader, Maric (aka "Solaris") needed to finish just one more elite before taking on Oscar the Gatekeeper: Hell Eternal. Since we had five people on and LoneStarBelle needed the dungeon, as well, I jumped at the chance to join up. Mogsy and Mr. Mogsy jumped on a bit after we started and did their own thing. We're tiny but mighty.
Knights of NoMercy, l-r: Chucho, Solaris, Piddy-Cent, LoneStarBelle, WickedTryx
We started out with me in the healing role—using my new Necromancer Deck—and Chucho tanking. That worked OK for the first couple boss battles, though Piddy-Cent's mega-DeePS got him one-shotted a couple times. Unfortunately, since the Necromancer depends heavily on Assault Rifle damage to set up leech heals, but many of the later bosses have damage reflecting shields, Necro was not an effective combination. LSB doesn't have enough healing gear to support a Blood/Fist build, so Pid took on the healer role, while I switched to AoE/DPS Support (a role I am very comfortable with).
Supporting the battle against the Prime Maker
It took a while to get through all the fights (with several wipes). But in the end, we were victorious! Tententacles (Chucho) commented on how great it is to run through these dungeons with a patient group of people. I find my patience lasts much longer when folks are pulling together than when they are playing the blame game. I know I had to re-examine my build a couple times, and discovered that LSB has a 10% Purge chance on a certain passive ability I'd never looked very closely at. Chucho had plenty of self-criticism, but he did a fine job tanking. I wish I could have healed better. Thanks go out to Chucho, Piddy-Cent, Solaris, and WickedTryx for a fun run through Hell.

You've seen the other pictures, but here is my ensemble for Monday de la Mode. I call it Kentucky Kick-Ass: brown and white strapless blouse and corset; hat and jeans from the New West outfit, all available from the "Secret Store"; brown ruffle heels from Pangaea; and sunglasses from the Lumie Bounty Hunter Deck.
All Outta Bubble Gum


  1. Nice outfit!

    And congrats on finishing up HE. IIRC, that's the only dungeon where leech healing isn't such a great idea, but yeah... that's TSW for you, always making you change your build around.

    I was in a "noobie" Polaris NM pug over the weekend and for 5 of the 6 bosses I could use my "new hotness" single-target Shotgun/Pistol build, but that 5th boss and his swarms of adds.... AR and Suppressing Fire baby! According to ACT we wiped 8 times on the 5th boss before downing him, and 4 times on Ur-Draug before we finally got him. Nice thing was... no recriminations, just adjustments to what we were doing until we succeeded. I love beginner groups. . . . . It helped that we had a very experienced and well-geared tank, and I'm at least moderately experienced, anyway.

    One of these Mondays I'll have to jump on and bug the Knights of Mercy about your dungeon runs in-game ;-)

    1. Haha, do that. If we could get ten people together at once, that would be perfect. We're always a couple shy of two runs, but more than one run. And grats on your NM run.

    2. "And congrats on finishing up HE. IIRC, that's the only dungeon where leech healing isn't such a great idea[...]"

      Mostly true. In HF NM leech healing also is problematic, and in SH NM i know of no way to defeat Cybulsky without at least some blood shielding along. [Like i already mentioned in the Necromancer deck posting.]

      And on "new to NM" and wiping: send my greetings to the Machine Tyrant of HR. He must still know me and my bunch, considering how many hours of wiping we spent there when we started out. :)

  2. Every time I read your posts, I'm sad that I don't play TSW more. But somehow, it always ends up the game I want to play most... of the games I don't get around to actually play. I wish I won the lottery and had more time. ;)

    1. LOL Don't we all?

      I sometimes get excited about games I no longer play, but most of times I have gone back have been disappointing.

  3. Love the outfit! Also, I like the fact that most of naked body parts shown on the top picture are male for a change. ^^

    1. Oh yes, they're very proud of their six-pack abs. Though some of the female outfits available leave very little to the imagination.