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Monday, September 23, 2013

Can I Get a "Hell, Yeah"?

At times like this, I am sadly reminded that—while I am clever—I am not really particularly creative. Or at least that quick on my feet. I would love to have a whole RP story going on for this post. But in the interest of posting it this year, I decided to just give the rundown and thanks to those involved.
Lecturing Wicker, or he was lecturing us.
Remember how I went through Hell this past Secret Monday with the Knights of Mercy? Well on Saturday, I was at it again with members of the Beyond the Veil crew: BlueEyedOne, EmDash, Mith, and Galactrix. Galactrix caught wind that I needed to run Elites and we got a group together. I feel kinda bad because we didn't get to run all three. Blue still needed Hell Eternal, but I had to run to a meatspace affair that evening. Yesterday, Galactrix, Xander, Antida, and I ran the Ankh, leaving only 3 more elites before I face Oscar.
The memories of dying fade, though I'm sure I did at least once or twice. With her gun-totin' dance-hall cowgirl outfit. LoneStarBelle has achieved a certain aura of badass, though; doncha think? I also picked up some new abilities, thanks in part to the "Magnum Opus" Double XP Perfume I sprayed on. My Quantum Brace arc is almost full, and I am within 10 SP of being able to wield all the regular weapon types.
Meanwhile, EmDash looks like a punk prom queen, Exceeder (Galactrix) is takin' in the rays with clashing Hawaiian print beach wear, and Mith is dressed to kill. Literally. You can see Blue in the top pic dressed almost conservatively in Dragon greens.
But victory was achieved, thanks to these fine folk, and I got the "Tonight We Dine in Hell" achievement and the Dandy Hellraiser to boot. With all the (almost) bare chests in this pic, Blue decided to go ultraconservative and cover up almost completely. Wicker certainly appreciated our efforts to assist in his goal of a paradise in Hell.
I find it interesting that the male characters all have the thoracic surgery scar like Wicker, but the females do not. I am reminded of Wesley's line in the Princess Bride about there being a shortage of perfect breasts in the world and it would be a shame for Buttercup to ruin hers.

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