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Monday, September 9, 2013

Secret Monday: In the Shadowy Forest, Goldzilla Hunts You

Laeyn (Mogsy) and LoneStarBelle, Tossed by "Upheaval"
The Golden Weekend is over, but the Gilded Rage event goes on. Samsu Nasiru is no pushover, as the Knights of Mercy discovered tonight. Secret Mondays start a bit late in the evening, and much of the TSW crowd is winding down at that hour. So while the first Golden Golem we fought together went down without too much fuss, it took a little longer than the couple of fights I participated in before most of my KoMies had logged in. Then, relatively few people showed up for the fight in the Shadowy Forest, and the fight stretched on for almost an hour.

Luckily, it's mindless zerging from the Anime Well, unless you can get the rhythms of the two AoE spells Samsu casts. It was fun chatting and joking with my fellow Mercy Gamers: Tenten, Mogsy, Mr. Mogsy, Ocho, Pagan, Piddy, and a new (to me) friend, WickedTryx. If you're wondering what I wore for the fashion show, it wasn't flashy, just my new outfit for completing the Lumie Necromancer Deck.


  1. Yeah, even with full instances over the weekend "blingzilla" was still taking 10-12 minutes to drop. With a good tank that pinned him down and impaired off the big AE, I didn't have to move or anything, just spammed my dps rotation. Got kinda boring.

    1. Yes, while I praised the community for coming together during the anniversary event (the current spotter channel is #GildedEvent) Funcom gets a C+ for what is essentially a poorly designed loot piñata. People running high-end machines shouldn't be getting such atrocious framerates, to say nothing of those of us who aren't running state-of-the-art.

    2. Indeed. Even with my settings turned way down, names off, combat tab deleted, etc, I'm lucky to get 8-12 fps in a blingzilla fight, even though I typically run on max settings (though with shadows off) and get 40-50 fps in my regular play.