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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stats Obsession

Roger Edwards of "Contains Moderate Peril" posted on the Newbie Blogger Initiative site (very fancy) about the Perils of obsessing about stats, a subject near and dear to me. I commented thus:
I tend to look at my stats a lot, even though I know a certain number of hits are really bots. It was about a year before my monthlies even broke a thousand. And my readership was not even close to that (remember that regulars will hit your site several times a month). I still have a limited view of my regular audience. Many people use various RSS readers, making it even more difficult to track them.

The best advice in this post is to get involved with social media. Don't just post links. Strike up conversations on Twitter, FB, and/or G+; not to mention the forums of the games that interest you. Communities are made up of overlapping groups of friends, and the gaming blog community is no different.

You can find me on Twitter (@rowanblaze) and G+ (+Rowan Blaze).


  1. I don't know what's going on lately but my page views are through the roof these last couple of months. Had my best month ever in August and September is destroying it. I agree with TAGN on this, though; the only real measure worth considering is the feedback you get, whether that's in comments or through associated social media. Page views are undeniably nice to see, but what they mean is almost always opaque.

    1. Same here, August and September have been spectacular.

      I completely agree, though. Hits are a nice thing, but I prefer comments and "engagement" with my friends/readers.