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Monday, September 23, 2013

Filthy Monday (slightly NSFW)

The next phase of the Whispering Tide event is upon us, and the Knights of Mercy were up to the challenge. With the filthy portal breached by the 3rd Age Guardian, Beestung members of the secret societies could investigate the source of the Filth in Agartha. Several creatures attempted to either prevent us from getting to the bottom of the problem, or maybe they were just looking for new recruits of their own.
Clean-up on Aisle Seven!
Mystery solved, we made our way to Kingsmouth to take the challenge posed by the Draug in the Lair area. Many deaths and repair bills later, we had gotten two of the three missions completed and were ready to call it a night.
Kingsmouth Beach Party
Ever fashion forward, Laeyn stepped out in style. . .
Très de la Mode!
. . . while Dexy and Dortmunder went with the more traditional Transylvanian Village Garb.
The Couple That Plays Together . . .


  1. Laeyn had smiley-face pasties on. You still needed to black-bar that? ;-)

    Odd bug, especially since other people can see it too.

    1. The funny thing is that she couldn't see it on her own screen. There are all sorts of factors with that bug, and it seems to be client-based rather than server-side. I did the black bar because I am not sure what the threshold is on NSFW tags for Blogger.

    2. I've been noticing a lot of people running around like that in Pangaea lately, and my wife was dressing my character and previewing things and managed to do it on my character too. She thought it was hilarious. I figure it has to be client-side, but then couldn't figure out why I was seeing it on other people if so. I'm actually thinking it's driver-related. I upgraded to the most recent nVidia drivers last week and then I could play the game but if I did anything that changed my character's appearance (equipping a different weapon, or clothing item) it would crash the game and then give me an error that the driver had crashed. I reverted the driver and have been fine since then, at least.

    3. Yes, on the clients of others, it has to do with donning a full (multi-slot) costume and then switching back to an outfit of individual pieces. On a female character, donning a chest piece that hides the legs (dresses) then removing it will cause the same thing on your own client. Even previewing clothing (like from the item store) will cause the glitch, at least until you move.