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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Beyleigh and Meyleigh


Mispronunciation Blues

So Team Rogue has shifted. When she read* my post about Livy and Manerva, Scooter asked if it would be better to create rogues of another race and re-role our fledgling Forsaken to something else. She also said that after thinking about it, she thought Manerva should be more magical than a rogue. I agreed that it might be better to follow our respective character fantasies. So Livy and Manerva became a Priest and a Mage, respectively, and we rolled two human female rogues.
The Sisters Spinoza in Goldshire
Meyleigh and Beyleigh Spinoza
[IPA: ˈmeɪliː & ˈbeɪliː ɛspɪˈnoʊsə]

Simply known as Meyleigh and Beyleigh in-game. The names themselves are currently slightly more interesting than the histories of these intrepid sisters. Scooter came up with "Baylee" first and hunted down an acceptable spelling that hadn't been taken. Interestingly enough, the Urban Dictionary describes Baylee as "an incredibly hot female, typically with beautiful brunette hair. Loves animals and books. . . Has a great smile and round eyes."

Meyleigh's name is based on a common mispronunciation of the term melee, generally construed in MMORPGs to be the distance at which combatants can strike each other with swords, maces, etc. Since I was having a hard time coming up with a good plant-related name, Scooter suggested a departure from my habit. While I like the name, I have a hard saying it out loud. "Spinoza"—with various alternate spellings—is a common Hispanic surname indicating a family association with the hawthorn plant.

More later. . .

*Scooter proofreads almost all my articles before I post them, for which I am very grateful. However, any mistakes are mine and mine alone (unless otherwise noted).
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