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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Livy and Manerva: Reborn

I am way behind on my profiles. I say this a lot, but in my defense, given the chance, I normally would rather play MMOs than blog about them. So if a post doesn't mostly happen at lunch, it's not likely to happen at all.
Hi, everyone. We're just happy to be here . . . again.
Livy and Manerva Honeywell
[IPA: ˈlɪviː & məˈnɜːrvə] (Manerva—derived from the Roman goddess of wisdom and war—is Scooter's character, with lively eyes and a mischievous grin. Livy—short for Olivia—stands behind her, a more sober—dare I say it: grave—twin.

The Honeywell cousins lived and died in Southshore before the Second War with the Orcish Horde. After the defeat of the Lich King, Sylvanus Windrunner implemented a program of expansion and re-population of the Forsaken territories. The graveyard containing the Honeywell family plot fell into Forsaken hands, which they used to replenish their "Human Resources." Though they were simple folk in life, the resurrected cousins showed talent for magic. Mystical Manerva delves into the Arcane, while her more disciplined, priestly partner mixes the best of Light and Shadow. The budding adventurers performed some services for the denizens of Brill and the Bulwark before being sent on to Silverpine Forest to meet with the Dark Lady herself.
What road do we take to get to Forsaken High Command?
I tied the Honeywell ladies's story back to a period prior to much of the contemporary struggles of Warcraft, so they have no loyalties/resentments with regard to the Cataclysm era politics of Azeroth. Tying into my own history with WoW, I discovered upon arriving in Southshore during the Vanilla/BC days an NPC named Julie Honeywell, who had the exact same features I'd used for my blog namesake, Rowanblaze, and her twin sister Hollyhammer. If I had not already come up with a surname and backstory out of Redridge for those two, Ms. Honeywell would definitely have been part of it.

I think of their in-game monikers as what they call each other. Manerva has a nickname for Olivia, whereas Livy tends to address her cousin by her given name. It's also mildly amusing to me that I envision both Livy and Meyleigh as more practical than Scooter's more mischievous characters, since I think Scooter herself is by far the practical one in our relationship. As far as why they'd be so well preserved when it could be assumed that they'd be nothing more than dust; in my head canon, the magic of the Val'kyr is sufficient to restore some flesh to Forsaken bones.
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