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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July Activities

Wow, another month come and gone with me only posting once. It seems like I write too many of these posts. July was a busy month, and since my return with Scooter to Azeroth, it seems I have spent every spare moment playing in the World of Warcraft rather than bothering to blog about it. Blaugust is upon us, as well. Belghast has declared this to be a much more casual year, and that suits me just fine. I don't know if I'll be posting daily but I figured I'd at least start the month off right. [Correction: it's taken me two days to write this.]

After over a month of playing on battle.net, I finally sent out friend invites to folks on my suggested list; like Scarybooster, Tententacles, Scopique, and Belghast, himself. Scooter and I have two pairs of Alliance characters above level 40, and I have a Tauren hunter just over 20. Already feeling the altoholic urge to start a Rogue Outlaw. (I've loved the "Highwayman" concept of sword and pistol combat for years.)

Chuslum Sedgeweaver

[IPA: tʃʌsləm sɛdʒwiːvɜːr] (His given name means "bull" in the Nez Perce language, according to my research. Sedgeweaver, as he is known in-game, is the surname of my Aurin Spellslinger in Wildstar, and is an invented occupational surname meaning "basket maker.")

The calf of a long line of renowned Tauren basket makers, young Chuslum felt the call of the Tauren Great Hunt. In his twentieth season of adventure, Sedgeweaver journeyed into Night Elf lands on a spirit quest. There, in the Ruins of Mathystra, he encountered the Ghost Saber, Dushka, who agreed to guide him on the Hunt.

I started Sedgeweaver on Argent Dawn, about midway through July while on a business trip. He's about 21 now, and I took him up to the north end of Darkshore to tame one of my favorites on my Dwarf Hunter (my first WoW character). I named her Dushka [IPA: duʃkə], which is Russian for "little spirit" (or a whole lot of other things, apparently).

Leilue and Bernolf Lovell

[IPA: liːluː & bɜːrnɒlf lʌvəl] (Bernolf is an invented name using Germanic roots to mean "bear-wolf". Lovell is an English surname meaning "little wolf." You'll have to ask Scooter how she came up with Leilue; however, as pronounced, it could be taken to mean "wolf meadow." Do you see a pattern here?)

Meanwhile, the Lovells, keepers of the old ways, were caught up in the events surrounding the destruction of Gilneas. After using their druidic powers to help rescue many Gilneans from the devastation of the Cataclysm and the ensuing Forsaken invasion, Leilue and Bernolf found a welcoming community among the Night Elves, occupying an apartment in the Craftmen's Terrace of Darnassus. They developed quite a reputation for generosity and ferocity with the Night Elves in the ruined Darkshore and the embattled Ashenvale, going on the offensive with the Darnassian armies in the Stonetalon Mountains and driving the Horde back into the Barrens. Now sojourning in Feralas, the Lovells have played a part in the Night Elf campaign against Cho'gall, an Ogre devotee of the Twilight Hammer. As it turns out, several Gilneans are in the area, directing skirmishes against the Naga on Sardor Isle and the Gordunni Ogres throughout the mainland rainforest. Like many of their fellow Gilneans, Loo and Bernie long for the opportunity to return and restore their homeland.

Leilue and Bernolf are 41 and exalted with Darnassus. They have a few things left to do in Feralas before moving on to the Thousand Needles. Soffe and Stormsage are also 41 and ready to move on to Eastern Plaguelands.
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  1. Awesome to read you'll be participating in Blaugust as well. I've missed your regular posts, so I'm looking forward to it!

    PS There seems to be something off with the blogroll widget to the left. Pictures show up in their actual size, blocking half the content of your blog post (at least on my screen).

    1. Wow, a glitch or something, but the same thing is happening on my screen. I'll kill the pic for now.

    2. Yay, that's better. I had something weird going on with my recent comments widget and had to replace it with one not showing icons. Not sure what's going on with Blogger. /sigh

      Your new characters look lovely! I can't really get into WoW myself, but if there's one thing I can't keep myself from doing it's designing more and more cool alts. :)

    3. I certainly can't blame you for not really liking WoW, it's "kitchen sink" fantasy world: everything just thrown in. But I cut my MMO teeth on it, so there's plenty of nostalgia there. Then the recent Warcraft movie got me hankering for another try.