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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Sisters Spinoza


CSI: Sentinel Hill

The Spinoza sisters come from a privateering family that helped keep the sea lanes open near the town of Southshore. Their father captains the sloop Lady Legace (named for a former paramour). After the destruction of Southshore by the Forsaken, Captain Spinoza set sail for warmer waters. His daughters, tired of life at sea, disembarked during provisioning at Stormwind Harbor to make their fortunes ashore.
While they look very similar, you can recognize Beyleigh by her slightly longer hair and impish grin. And Beyleigh certainly is the more mischievous of the two, preferring shadows and the subtle sting of a dagger in the back. Meyleigh has shorter hair and a canny gaze. The younger Spinoza is quick with a cutlass or boarding axe, or a pistol shot to the face.

While their father may or may not have slipped into outright piracy, the Spinoza sisters have ended up a crime fighting dynamic duo, helping solve a murder mystery and uncovering a plot against Marshall Stoutmantle of Westfall. But when Vanessa VanCleef and her co-conspirators retreated to the Deadmines, who actually got justice . . .
Horatio Laine takes stock of Admiral Ripsnarl.

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And who got the shaft?
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