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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Damn Lucky

MMOs are, of course, far easier and more enjoyable when you have a steady partner to play with, and there is nothing steadier than having your partner in the game be your partner in life, as well. Scooter has been a fixture on this blog practically since we met almost five years ago. [No, it's been almost six. ~Scooter] When we first started dating, I curtailed my MMO habit quite a bit, though I didn't quit entirely. 'Twas in the last days of WotLK, just before Cataclysm dropped, and there were still a few things I wanted to accomplish. It was early December before she asked me if she could try playing WoW on my account. I would say I created a monster, but she already had the gaming bug from her youth playing D&D. She'd left off gaming to raise three wonderful kids (other than kicking their butts on the Nintendo), but returned to a new era of online fun. I still tend to play more than she does, but usually due to differing office hours rather than lack of interest. But it is cool that Scooter enthusiastically shares my interest in adventures both in virtual worlds and in the real world. Just yesterday, we went to the supermarket on a weekend afternoon, and had a house full of family. I am damn lucky.
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