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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Legion Launches

Today's big event seems almost anticlimactic. Much of the changes to basic game mechanics (e.g., the talent system, spells/abilities, transmog) came out over a month ago. Demon Hunters have been available to play since early August. And, of course, the ever increasingly frequent Invasions of six prime targets had everyone in a frenzy of XP and loot. After creating and boosting a pair of characters, Scooter and I started our own DHs, ran all four through the high-level quests prepping us for a counter-invasion of the Broken Isles.
I started a solo mage and leveled her to 52 purely through running Invasions, only completing all six last night after a couple laborious treks because I was missing flight points. I know others have gotten fresh characters from 1 to 100 due to the event.
It's been fun—if a bit frustrating at times due to the vagaries of random number generators. My level 52 still has the level 1 staff she started with, and Scooter's Paladin never got a weapon drop. But I suppose it kept us on the hamster wheel. Frankly, I'll be happy to return to regular questing. It will be up to Scooter whether we return to leveling our low-to-mid level duos, or jump into the Broken Isles stuff—or both. Scooter still hasn't really seen Outland or Northrend, and neither of us has seen Pandaria or Draenor at all.
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