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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ding! Vice Admiral Starblanket

(OOC) The day has finally come. I maxed out a character in Star Trek Online. Appropriately, it was the one I started with, Rowan Ashayam Starblanket, my half-Vulcan, half-Canadian First Nations Medical officer.
Ladies and Gentlemen, The GLOW!
Starblanket Personal Log: After the harrowing evacuation of Deep Space Nine, I was summoned back to Sector 001 for a debriefing. And, as it turns out, a promotion. My new orders are to head up an expedition into the Gamma Quadrant to try to bring reasonable proof of the end of the Dominion War to the out-of-time Jem'Hadar occupying DS9. Much of the crew is being transferred to other ships, the details haven't been worked out quite yet. I still have to go over personnel with Tarah and the department heads as to whom we want to keep, and who needs the chance to spread their own wings. I am sure there will be tearful farewells as Peregrine and the Templar depart for other sectors.
Congratulations, Admiral.
Meanwhile, I, and who ever remains on my crew, will be returning to the Bajoran Sector, in what is both our new home and, in a sense, an old friend.
I am I, Don Quixote.
The U.S.S. Quixote, NCC 91511
The ship is even long and lanky like Don Quixote.
Dedication Plaque: “One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this.”
~Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote de la Mancha
Shakedown Cruise
(OOC) Quixote [kee-HO-teh] is an Odyssey Class, with a Teal Corvus paint scheme. I seriously agonized over the paint job for a good hour. I'm stupid like that. I also spent a ton of time with Rowan's new admiral's coat. I almost gave her a skirt, which would have been completely hidden by the coat. The Odyssey class was the second anniversary ship reward, I believe, with no possibility for hull modification. I don't have much experience with a heavy cruiser, I'd like to deck it out with high-end turrets, which I'd heard was pretty effective. That's really old info, though. For now, I've mostly just cannibalized components from Rowan's two prior ships.
These Are the Voyages . . .
So these will be the voyages of the Starship Quixote. . . May it be that we bring chivalry and civility to the galaxy, and are not simply on a fool's errand.


  1. Congrats...You peta'Q.

    If I see your ship though me and my Klingon brothers will blast you from the stars.

    1. Aren't we friends again? I had to break up a bunch of unruly Klingons on Bajor after the evacuation.

  2. Quixote Actual, this is Farquestor Actual, Vice Admiral Katzushima speaking. Should you require it, both myself and the entirity of Battlefleet Indomitable are prepared to assist you!

    Congrats on the 50.

  3. Congrats! Looking sharp! I may have to drop the $50 on the C-Store version of the cruiser at some point, if only for the spectacular bridge.

    1. I was diappointed with the bridge, not because it isn't cool (it is cool), but because it is filled with unknown toons. Where's my Breen and my Reman from FEs, etc.? They were on my previous bridges. Why are they not on this one?