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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lookin' for Lore: The Iele

IELE (pronounced sort of like "YEH-leh" except the "Y" is held a little longer than normal English pronunciation).

Not much is known of this mysterious figure in the middle of the Shadowy Forest. The Templars thought they were extinct and are fascinated by her faerie nature, even though her father was Alexander the Great, an Illuminati Leader of Old. The Illuminati themselves, in the figure of Kirsten Geary, do not seem to realize the Iele’s parentage; nor her importance. The Dragon are, of course, aware of both.
The Iele are a fixture of Romanian folklore, inhabitants and protectors of wild places. Similar to Greek Dryads or Nymphs, they are normally nude or almost nude, and tend to seduce men with their dancing.

Unlike the wild child we see The Secret World, they often have specific names, either personal names or nicknames based on their characteristics or activities. An Iele’s name is powerful magic, and can be used by witches to cast spells. If our Iele is indeed the daughter of Alexander, then she is one of three sisters: Catrina, Zalina or Marina.
Iele, from the Romania TV page.
The Iele are wild creatures, and while not inherently evil, they do exact revenge on those that offend them. Our Iele is angry at the spread of the Filth in her forest, and blames the Secret Societies for that corruption. Those touched by the Bees do well to appease her by culling the Fungal manifestations from the forest. In the real world, the people dwelling in Transylvania and surrounding areas have appeased the Iele by dedicating festival days to them throughout the year, and performing their own ritual dances.

Iele are normally found in groups, often dancing the Hora. Witnesses to this faerie dance are driven to delirium and madness. Those who perchance to hear the siren voice of the Iele’s song are instantly struck mute.


  1. Very fairy tale-like! Love the pictures, especially the last one. We can all see the famous Rowan being instantly struck mute. :D

    1. LOL :D It's a bit of joke, because the Player Characters are notably mute throughout the game. I like it, because Dortmunder there is German, so no American (or British) actor would fit.