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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The State of My Game. Or, Catching Up with Fellow Bloggers

Man! This week has been busy, and not in a good way. Well, I suppose it is good. I have a job, right? But the busy means I haven't been able to get as much done with the games I play. And tonight is another Webcast of Beyond the Veil with my friends from Holosuite Media. Xander, Antida, Feii, and Galactrix are a blast to hang out with on Thursday evenings and chat about The Secret World.

Fellow Mercy Gamers MMOGC and Syp have coordinated top five lists of the scariest and creepiest places in TSW. I wouldn't have minded hitching a ride on that blog train, but I need good screenshots that I just don't have on my office computer.

Belghast is having a blast with his cadre of Elite dungeoneers in TSW,  as well. After a months-long hiatus, they've been gearing up a friend for the Gatekeeper encounter and readying themselves for nightmares.

UPDATE 7Jun'13: After I posted this, I read Psychochild's post about the diminishing population of (MMO) bloggers. Happily, I was doing one of the things he suggested: cross linking to fellow bloggers.

Meanwhile, after a quick boost of fun in Neverwinter, I have picked up STO again with the launch of the Legacy of Romulus expansion. Last June, it seemed overwhelming when I jumped back in to try out the duty officer system and see how other things had changed. I guess I just needed another new Captain (or Centurion) to get used to the Space battles and such. In any event, I am having a blast again with Admiral Rowan Starblanket, and my new Rommy Commander, D'Valon tr'Soturi, a.k.a. Valon. It's also great seeing old friends in STO like Harbinger Zero, Scarybooster, and Talyn. I even managed to run a mission with Adventure Historian the other night.

I don't think I've fired up Neverwinter since getting back into STO. But I haven't given up on it yet, which is more than I can say for Defiance. I played for a couple hours a couple Saturdays ago, during Trion's free play weekend through Steam (for which I finally started a Steam account). It wasn't too hard, but the controls are clearly geared more for a console controller than a keyboard and mouse, even with my Nostromo. With TSW, STO, and Neverwinter all on my (theoretically) active game roster—and all with TPS reticle perspectives available—I don't have the energy or interest to adapt to another control system for a game I only find mildly interesting.

Of course, between those games and Real Life Busy-ness, my progress in TSW has slowed tremendously after a strong push through Egypt and the first two zones of Transylvania. And I don't even have a lore piece ready for tonight's webcast.


  1. Hey, I'm always on board for another creepy TSW post! I already have more ideas.

    1. I know I've said repeatedly, but I just don't get that creeped out by TSW or any other game or movie. Not that I don't find some scenes and missions creepy. But they're more like awesome roller-coasters and "dark rides." They're just fun!