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Friday, June 28, 2013

Beyond the Veil: TSW Fashion Show

Last night, Beyond the Veil kicked off a week-long celebration of our First Anniversary with a fashion show staged in the Crusades Night Club in Ealdwic, London. I've never judged a contest before, and it's kind of nerve racking. I wanted to be fair to everyone, and I hope I was. Luckily, I was only one of several judges, which basically was the cast of BtV. In any event, we had a lot of fun, and I hope all the participants did as well.
The winners received rare in-game swag from WeLoveFine Tees and Funcom points to spend in the Secret Store, as well as RL dog tags, from the folks at Funcom.

We have several more creative contests leading up to our big celebration next Wednesday. Details on the creative contests can be found at Holosuite Media. There are some pretty awesome prizes up for grabs; so if you have a creative streak, I encourage you to check them out. Wednesday's special Anniversary webcast will include an ARG and in-game Investigation Mission put on by the BtV crew. Join us in-game and on Holosuite Excess at about 7 p.m. EDT, July 3. We'll give details on whom to meet up with during the webcast.


  1. 2 women wearing the same shirt won 1st and 2nd place? Guess it's a favorite shirt among the judges. . . . ;-)

    1. It did work out that way. It was a popular top among the contestants, too. It's based on the "Steampunk" outfit, with a bunch of color variations available in the Secret Store.

      We each gave a 1-5 rating for the outfits, and simply added up the total score for each contestant, as opposed to a this is better than that type of judgement. The short jacket and pants on the winner changed it up a bit.