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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

QOTD: On Being Called Heroes

We may get called Heroes, but we're more Bucky than Captain America.

I must confess, I did not participate in GW2's dragon Bash. I haven't played for months, even though I like GW2 a lot, in principle. Nor am I normally one to say I want to be the hero of the world. But it did get annoying that the NPCs seem to get all the credit, after I've done all the legwork. In any event, after helping some guildies finish off their hero storyline with the final group instance (which was pretty cool, to be honest) I had no motivation to finish my own, and I lost focus.


  1. Thanks for the quote :)

    I really like GW2 a lot as must be obvious but many of the choices ANet met baffle me. Why you would build your game around the concept of a Personal Story in which the Player Character is The Hero (and have NPCs constantly refer to the PC that way) and then consistently and systematically allocate the player a supporting role (at best) is beyond me.

    The Living Story goes a stage further again, introducing a whole string of new characters, all of whom you either help do stuff they need to do (Braham, Rox) or who order you about as if you work for them (Inspector Kiel, Marjory Delequa). If it was down to me I'd never have gone down the "You Are The Hero" route in the first place but given that was the decision they took this is a positively bizarre implementation.

    1. Thank you for the excellent analogy. I agree that trying to make the player The Hero doesn't make sense in an MMO, where you may be "special" compared to the NPC shopkeepers, but not compared to other players or even the NPC Leaders.