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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BtV: Stir of Echoes

It's been a great week for Beyond the Veil and our loyal listeners. We kicked off our First Anniversary celebration with a Fashion Contest at the Crusades in London. For creative types, Holosuite Media is running two contests, one is the opportunity to Design BtV's new Logo for the new season—codenamed "Issue 2"—and the other is for a fun in-universe Commercial that will be aired on the show during Issue 2. Follow the links for details, but realize that . . .

Of all the contests we're running as part of Beyond the Veil and The Secret World's Anniversary Event, I'm personally most excited about the special Investigative Mission contest hosted by the BtV crew. We took it through a closed beta on Sunday afternoon; and after a few tweaks, I think it's quite challenging without being crazy impossible. We've managed to include a little bit of everything in this mission; it's got elements of Investigation, Sabotage/Stealth, Combat, even a little PvP (only in the sense that you're in a race against other players). Don't worry, no need for experience with Morse Code or the ability to distinguish Baroque from Rococo. Xander really outdid himself with the quest design. With significant contributions from the BtV crew, and a little final wordsmithing from Yours Truly, I honestly think we have a mission worthy of The Secret World.
A native of Kingsmouth has been awakened by Gaia unexpectedly. Each faction races to bring the young woman into the fold, equally confused as to why she didn’t come to their attention sooner. As a widely-traveled resident of the island, she could be anywhere. And your faction rep has made it clear to use every asset at your disposal to bring this woman into the fold. Who will get to her first? And what does her awakening mean in the larger scheme of things?
You can find details on prizes at Holosuite Media, as well, as some helpful reminders about the mission itself. Join us tomorrow, 3 July 2013, at 7 PM Eastern (UTC-4 hours) on Holosuite Excess to listen in on the show as you solve the mystery behind the Stir of Echoes.

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