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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Secret World: Year One

Wow, it's been a year! I'm not sure I've ever been as involved in a game a year after starting as I am with TSW. I think I played WoW more after a year, but I wasn't involved with the community. And of course, WoW has always been a powerhouse.
The Secret World was always going to be a niche game. Creepy, smart . . . literary. But that sort of Intellectual Property inspires some serious loyalty. Once Funcom adjusted its expectations and its operations plan, TSW turned into a profitable enterprise (Chrome will auto translate).

Lots of greats stuff is planned for the Anniversary event. Issue 7 is on its way. And of course tonight is the big celebration of Beyond of Veil: Night of the Living Anniversary, commemorating both our own first year and that of TSW. If you're online, I hope to see you there.