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Friday, July 5, 2013

Blog Spotlight: Geek Fitness—With a Quote for the Day.

310 lbs + Ice Cream
Just like in a video game, you really need some support to take on those fitness bosses. If you want to blow up the Evil Lords of Gluten, you’re going to need help. If you want to smash the Council of Three Fats, bring some friends. If you plan to pulverize the Princess of Pilates, pull in a party of positive influences. If you want to escape the seductive grasp of Lady Laziness, you’re going to need someone to slap some sense into you.
~Professor Beej, It's Dangerous to Go Alone

I started following B.J. Keeton a while back on Twitter and on his gaming & literature blog appropriately named Professor Beej. A man of many talents, B.J. is an English professor, indie writer, MMORPG enthusiast, and—more recently—amateur athlete. I really only included the above pic so you know that B.J. ain't playin' around.
June 2013 @ 161 lbs
I, personally, have not made the great strides he has in losing weight, but I am working on it. I need to include more movement in my routine, though. B.J. and others, like Psynister and Fynralyl over at The Chubby Couple, inspire me that it can be done, and it doesn't require a crazy diet that I can't stick to and is probably unhealthy. It takes determination, subtle lifestyle changes, and the support of family and friends. Don't go alone.


  1. Part of the reason for my silence lately is that I'm 8 days into P90X. I'm having a hard time juggling writing with that hour and a half getting sucked out of my day. I agree though, its more fun with friends!

    1. Dang, I know huge fitness bufs that have been unable to hang with P90X. That's abig time investment.

    2. I have some pretty solid motivation, and a flexible schedule so that helps. (-: