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Monday, July 15, 2013

QOTD: Cowboy Ramblings

Some blogging cowboys have settled down, perhaps started families, and become townsmen and farmers and merchants and businessmen.
~~Jeromai, Why I Game [Added link to KTR]
Almost a week ago, The Ancient Gaming Noob took up the topic of game-blogging community from Psychochild and flung it into a frenzy. I feel I'm more of a satellite to his community: orbiting, but only occasionally interposing my opinion into that stream. (Clearly, since I am reflecting on his post a week later, though I did post on almost the same topic at the same time as Psychochild.)

Looking through Wilhelm Arcturus' comments and pingbacks, several people have had plenty to say on the topic, including Jeromai, as quoted above. Indeed, despite the exaggerated rumors of Blogging's demise, Harbinger Zero discovered that a week away from blogging created quite a backlog in his reading list. (You can sort of blame him for this post.) My own rolling "Not So humble Opinions" shows that the ten most recent posts were all published within the last five hours as of this writing.

Now, like TAGN, I have seen a couple offers to join a community site (I'm sure he's had far more than I). Investigating some, I realized they actually only wanted me to boost their own content. Others genuinely think they are creating community with their forums and such. As I said in a comment on commitment in June, "my community is on [the relatively open platforms of] Twitter and G+."

I finally accepted an offer to be a regular on the Beyond the Veil talk show, which is part of Holosuite Media. That acceptance came with the understanding that I would be maintaining my own blog and any article I write myself for Holosuite media will appear here, as well. However, I do maintain an NDA on Beyond/Holosuite content until after it has been publicized there. Now, I might give up some freedom if I were provided some remuneration for said content.

In reference to Jeromai's quote above, I thought at first that I'd settled down, but I'm really more of a (high plains?) drifter. My posts tend to reflect the games I am playing. I guess that's a truism. After all, why would I post about, say EVE, a game I've never played? Or Age of Conan, which I have only tried out for a while. As you surely know, I also do posts about game news and topics that strike me as interesting. I hope you, Dear Reader, find them interesting, as well.


  1. No-one's ever asked me to join any kind of collective or community. Not sure whether to be pleased or insulted...

    1. Yeah, it was actually kind of bizarre because I was contacted by two different organizations (one was Holosuite) within a 24-hour period. I originally thought they were related, but they weren't. The Holosuite crew are good folks.

    2. I've gotten a few offers over the years, but none of them were in any way mutually beneficial.

  2. I've never gotten an invite to a community site either. What I have gotten is requests to either write a one-off article on another site, or to host a guest article from somebody else. Both offers were sufficiently vague to smell like spam or the fishy kind of SEO, though, so I just ignored them.

    1. Yes, I've occasionally written guest posts, but they were always for bloggers I "knew" and trusted, like Syp. And I go ahead and include them here.