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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The League of Extraordinary Knights

The Knights of Mercy did a bit of Elite dungeoneering last night, after a sort of hiatus where we killed oodles of Guardians in a mad rush for vanity items. Of, course two thirds of TSW is vanity items, so there is that.

First, the helicopter ride. I never seem to get fight pics anymore. It always starts with an innocent trip. Everyone's lost in their own thoughts, or tired . . . or slightly bored. For some reason, Thermic (Mr. GC) is never in my field of view. But look at those awesome outfits:
Laeyn Lafitte (MMOGC) and Dex-y Dieu-Le-Veut (Scooterz)
Chucho Arjan Singh (Tententacles), Sikh Red Agent Man
"No, Herr Eichenherz, I expect you to die."
"What? I can't even see her with this stupid eye patch on!"
Dancing in their seats.
One more gratuitous shot.
For some reason, the Elite Ur-Draug ("Cthulhu") kept hitting us harder and harder with every wipe. During the third encounter, we had him down to 5k health when disaster struck. And it only got worse from there. Right before the last fight (we finally downed him), MMOGC (the tank) left the instance and returned, which seemed to solve the issue for her. I still got caught in a cleave that hit me for almost 19k. That's about 15k overkill, considering my DPS-oriented glass-cannon build, and also about 7k more than any tank I've seen could survive. (Chucho was RIGHT, dammit!)
Buuuut, they clearly didn't need me, because they mowed him down while I was stuck in the penalty box. So here we are gloating over his carcass, while the Orochi'copter waits to pick us up. Either we're the most elegant group of Draug slayers in the game or a cadre of Bond villains:
The League of Extraordinary Knights

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