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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"A Wonderfully Feisty Character"

Kickin' Ass. Who cares about names?
A new friend on Twitter, the talented TSW player behind Simon "@Grumpynatti" Potter, drew this awesome picture of Dr. Samantha Hawthorn. Hopefully he'll come elucidate his method, since I am not knowledgeable enough to take a guess, other than "computer assisted." Other than the missing Stetson (he was tired of drawing hats) and perhaps a pistol, I think think he captured her very well, considering the relatively brief interchange we had on Twitter before his undertaking.
What are you looking at?
With a graduate level education and a no-nonsense take-no-shit attitude, LoneStarBelle combines two of my own aspirational qualities. She finds much of the back-room dealing and glitzy parties of Illuminati politics distasteful in the face of the apparent apocalypse. Her proficiency and inclination to use (anima-infused) firearms belie her razor sharp intellect, which often gets her in trouble with her Illuminati handler Kirsten Geary. But KG can't deny the results she gets when Sam is in the field, and the Illuminati are all about results.

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