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Thursday, October 17, 2013

GW2: Mirages

I've had these pics sitting in my drafts since Monday morning, but there other topics occupying my mind that took priority (plus, I kind of forgot about them). Syp's post today on Bio Break reminded me that I did have pics to show from a minor adventure in Guild Wars 2 on Sunday.
Scooterz and I decided to start two new characters on Sunday, after having not played GW2 in months. I had always wanted to try out the Mesmer, so I created the beautiful Norn, Weiden Speigelung. (Thanks Google Translate!) Scooterz created a Norn Necromancer who is just as attractive, but I didn't manage to get a pic of the her. I really like the Mesmer, though her multiple mirages confused me almost as much as they did my enemies; and her voice doesn't match her face, which reminds me why I like the mute PCs of TSW. We only got up to level 5 or 6—after spending way too much time on the creation screens. But it was a fun evening.
However, a strange thing happened while on the mountain pass that starts the Raven and Bear shrines. We were just ending a battle with a giant spider, when Weiden fell right through the mountain and into the "World Ocean." Or maybe it was just an aquifer. Either way I was below the now invisible valley floor. The rocks you see on the left side of that pic are part of the Bear shrine. I ended up having to use a waypoint to get out from underneath Tyria. How's that for a mirage?


  1. My main in my (limited) time in GW2 has become my female Norn necro. I picked the race because I like using the axe/dagger combo and it seemed to fit her better than it did the other choices. (-: Also, I made her as tall as you could make her, and moved her to the human starting area where I could tower over everyone. Good times.

    1. I have an Asura Necro, high enough that he has an entourage of gruesome. :-)