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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Secret Monday: Run Like Hell

I wasn't going to write about Secret Monday with the Knights of Mercy, primarily because I didn't get any great screenshots. (I stole the shot below from Syp's Bio Break.) However, I feel the need to clear up a couple inaccuracies.
A Stylish Yet Motley Crew
First Syp, then Ten Tentacles reported our successful, though slightly bumpy trip through Elite Hell Fallen, the second of TSW's Hell Dimension "Dungeons," and the last dungeon that can be completed in "Normal" mode. (The three Transylvania instances are Elite/Nightmare only.) Since I have another character already eligible for Nightmares, my fellow bloggers understandably forget that my doppelgänger, Dortmunder (above second from left, in red), had only done two Elites prior to last night. This was also the first time run-through for Dex-y (Scooterz) and Ocholivis (Ocho of Casual Aggro, both on the right). Rounding out the group were Chucho (Tenten, far left), and Yeti (Syp, center). Maric, Pid, and Wicked were on but ended up pugging Lairs, I think.

Since Mogsy (KoMie tank) and her hubby (Komie healer) were off frolicking with the Kennedys, it fell to Chucho to be our APC, and I took on the ambulance role. Contrary to popular belief, this was not my first rodeo in the healer's saddle, even in TSW. However, the build (and gear) I was looking at when I switched to "Healing" was obviously less than adequate for a trip through Hell. I took some time (and extra AP) to put together something that just might do, and off we went.

The funny thing is that my first advanced Templar deck was the Preacher, which I had expected to be a healing deck, but is actually more like an Affliction 'Lock: very DoT heavy. Once I realized it wasn’t for healing, I was too far along to stop. Then it seemed like KoM needed more tanks, so I took up hammers for a while. Dortmunder is a mess of disparate abilities, really. But I think I shall devote points for a while to the healing arts, since Tenten is clearly able to fill in as Tank. No hurry, Mogsy, we got this.

I gotta say there are fights where being the healer is by far the easiest role. While the leader explains the fights and which mob to hit when; I just have to keep focused on the tank, occasionally throw a heal at a DPS, and stay out of the fire. OK so maybe it's not easier exactly, but the focus of the fight for a Healer is very different from DPSing or Tanking.

Anyway, some of the fights gave us a bit of trouble. But we finished most in a single attempt, which is excellent evidence of the skill of our DPS (since the Tank and Healer were duffers). As I improve, Tenten will be able to drop his health down to a reasonable level, and generate more damage/hate.

As I was thinking about this post though, I was reminded how awesome it is to have a great group of friends to run around with. Many thanks to all my TSWeeps.


  1. I was on for a sec last night -- said hi to you on LSB before you swapped to Dortmunder, I guess -- but I couldn't stay. Wish I could have -- I would have happily tanked or healed or gone on a lair run. Perhaps next week. . . .

    My latest TSW post is here. I even have a screenie of me healing during the Machine Tyrant fight in Hell Raised, and if I can heal that fight, I can certainly heal an elite or a normal ;-)

    1. Yes, I knew it was you. If you'd stayed on, you would have been welcome. I enjoy healing though.

  2. I think it's more than just more hit-less hp with me. I feel like I'm mostly flailing around kinda doing things that sometimes work out. I think it's mostly just practice, but more hit will definitely help for sure.

    1. You flailing works out well enough. Some abilities from the Turbulence line might help, too, if you're not already using them.