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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Secret Somvār: Celebrating Samhain in Style

I just realized that this 186th post of the year marks 3x the number of posts I made in 2011.

I would have had this out sooner, but some of us work for a living. The "SAH-win" event is in full swing this week in The Secret World; and what better way to spend Secret Monday with the Knights of Mercy than traipsing across the landscape of Solomon Island like some insane (and slightly drunk) parade on the trail of some juicy urban legends? Because as you know, in the Secret World, EVERYTHING IS TRUE.
You can't fool me, Junkyard Edgar; great costume, though.
We started the night out by organizing a couple NM runs of the Cat God instance, a repeat of Samhain 2012. As it turns out, as long as at least one person is Gatekeeper qualified, the whole group can get into the nightmare version of the instance, which in fact is not particularly hard. In our group, I healed on Dortmunder while Chucho tanked, with Solaris, Dex-y, and Yeti providing DPS. Scooterz ended up with a set of 10.1 pistols for Dex-y, which she promptly put to good use. On our second run something glitched and we only ended up in the regular version of the Cat God fight, which yields no reward if you're doing the associated quest. The Mogsys headed up the other group run, with more success on purple drops and kitties.
Didn't we just try to prevent the completion of a ritual?
No pics of most of the rest of the evening, where we ran around zombieland collecting "Penny Dreadfuls" for Danny Dufresne's Tales of Solomon Island mission. We got most of them before it got too late, I think Scooterz and I have three or four to go. We ended the evening with an attempt at summoning SuperJack, a Guardian size pumpkin head. As seen in the pic above, we got the ritual done correctly. But it bugged out, so no Jack.
That's a big pumpkin!
Solaris got on the #Halloween chat channel and found another SuperJack fight going on, so we met up with another player and did battle with the squash until we smote his ruin upon the pumpkin patch. (I got smitten a couple times myself. Most of us got credit for completing the ritual and defeating Jack, except for Ocholivis, who was dead himself at the time of Jack's downfall. This is another glitch I have not seen often. During the Anniversary event, we got credit for the Guardian kill even if we were dead. On the other hand, the most recent group Filth clean-up event gives no credit if you're not on the platform at the time of the final boss' defeat. The game is down for extended maintenance this morning as they fix several bugs, so maybe this problem will be solved, too.
Dex-y: Take the pic already.You can't tell, but she's rolling her eyes at me.
Anyhoo, for Monday de la Mode, we have two outfits. The left hand set that we wore most of the evening were rewards for completing our Storyline missions. Dex-y is in Weiss Knight with the Streetwear Samurai headphones, as seen worn by Rose White and Mei Ling in the cinematic game trailers. Dortmunder has on Crowley's Glad Rags as worn by Alex McCall in the cinematics. In the right-handset set, we have the Baron Samedi voodoo suits as worn by Irusan and received as reward for completing the Cat God mission chain. Yes, we're the sort of silly couple that wears the same T-shirts IRL, as well. ;-P


  1. The weird thing is I did get a reward for the kill, a purple bag that had a green signet (Ooooooooo phat lootz, I know). But I didn't get credit for the mission. Ah well. I'll just hop on tonight and get him. Easy peasy.

    1. Still a glitch. I don't think the mission required that it be Super Jack, so you might be able to get it with regular Jack.

  2. Great Post thank you.
    Thought you might like my machinima animation Samhain Song,
    a celebration of this magical pagan festival
    Bright Blessings By Star & Stone ~