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Thursday, October 31, 2013

NBI: Class of 2013

Much like Belghast, the wind went out my own sails fairly early this month with the Newbie Blogger Initiative. Other than a post or two of encouragement, I didn't have much to say this time around. Great advice was offered by many of my fellow blogging veterans, but much like last year, we discovered that there is no one true way to blog. Gaming blogs are as individual as the people writing them. The only important thing to have the belief that you have something to contribute the MMO conversation, and then do it. Without further ado, I present to you the NBI Class of 2013:

I have a new list on the far right that will show the five most recent posts by this wonderful group of people, assuming they have an RSS feed. It's expandable by clicking "Show All." Come back often to see how they're doing. And if you really like them, follow them directly.

Congratulations, my fellow bloggers, and welcome to the community. :)


  1. Hey, you can find scree's feed here: http://www.scree.org/feed/
    For some reason TheOldreader doesn't pick up on it from the main page though

  2. Man I love this idea. I'm stealing it. It's awesome. Thanks!