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Monday, October 28, 2013

TSW: Story's Done

Scooterz and I, after several delays with events and other activities, finally returned to Transylvania to complete the Main Story of The Secret World before Issue 8 officially drops:
I have a bunch of pictures I thought were cool, but lost the wisp of inspiration and don't have much story to go with them. Much like my espionage story with LoneStarBelle. >.>

On thing I think is really cool is that apparently the final dream sequence cutscene that this pic is taken from varies for each PC, based on choices made during the other dream sequences. I watched Scooterz' cutscene, and she encountered the dark male "angel" instead of the bright female one.


  1. Congratz on finishing up! I finished running a friend through his final stages in Transylvania a week or so ago, and while I didn't see it all again since I don't have the missions anymore, he thought it was quite cool. He doesn't take screenshots though, since he's on an older pc and the game doesn't look so good for him :-(

    1. I often wish I had a newer PC, myself. Everything is relative, I guess. :-)