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Monday, February 24, 2014

Landmark Roof

Whereas Saturday was devoted to The Secret World, I spent a chunk of Sunday doing stuff in EverQuest Next Landmark. Structurally, the house is finished, but I am already thinking about expansion as I work on details. I kinda like pics posts. So much is conveyed visually that I feel like I don't need to provide much explanation. On the other hand . . .

The pic below, from last week, shows an issue I had with the Template system. For some reason, the templates would mirror themselves as I placed them, leading to the above pic. After posting about it on the forums, I ended up doing the final work "by hand." That's OK, there is something very relaxing about laying bricks.
I *could* do something creative with this . . . but I won't.
The next pic is from just inside the front wall, not far from where I took the pic above, in fact. After looking at various thatched roofs online, I decided to slope the back, while leaving the front gabled. I think I need some chain to hang the chandelier lower.
Well, helllooo there.
Here is the current front of the cottage. It looks rather plain from here, now that I think about it. I am also considering moving the staircase further to the left. I've built the house so close to the edge of my claim that I can't have the stairs coming straight out. I think when I first laid the cornerstones, I intended to have the main entrance on the uphill side of the house. I may yet do that and get rid of the stairs on this side.
The cottage is very vertical.
However, as you can see from the pic below, the stairs do lead to the workshop area, currently open to the elements. Most of my time in Norrath yesterday was gathering materials for a new pick and the Smoothing Tool. This involved an expedition to Serenity Pingo (Tier 3), though I suppose I could have gone to Liberation to visit Belghast's humble abode.
Combing the thatch.
Late in my session, I started smoothing out the roof, which turned out to be quite a bit of work. I wonder, is there a "de-smoothing" tool to restore the original blocky-ness of a built thing? I smoothed the edges of the chimney, too—ever so slightly. That turned out a lot nicer than the smoothing I tried on the stairs. I'll do the same to the house itself later.
That's a big chimney you've got there.
I'll have to see where else I want to go with this claim, or if I just want to stick with refining the house I have. In the back of my head, I am constantly thinking that this is all a very temporary alpha, and I'm not sure how to most effectively spend my time with Landmark.
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